Comex 2000 UK Now Offering Pension Scheme For All Employees

Comex 2000 UK Enlist The Peoples Pension Ready For Auto-Enrolment
So What is Auto-Enrolment?
Auto-Enrolment - A Practical Guide
Auto-enrolment – the requirement to enrol workers automatically in a qualifying pension scheme. This started for the biggest employers in October 2012. Designed to reinvigorate pensions saving, its rules are complex and far-reaching. They affect all employers and many of their processes. Compliance will be testing, not just at launch but ongoing, and fines for non-compliance will be substantial. At first sight auto-enrolment is about pensions. On closer examination it is also about payroll, insured benefits, flexible benefits, salary sacrifice, risk, data, HR systems, processes and more. Preparation requires excellent project management and coordination across the benefits field and beyond. Its impending arrival is prompting many organisations to review their whole benefits programme.
Auto-enrolment demands expertise and capacity across the employee benefits field from a team of professionals who understand both the auto-enrolment rules and the commercial and operational implications for entire benefits programmes which is why we have decide to enlist The People Pensions.
So Why Is This Happening?
To help people save more for their retirement, the government requires employers to enrol their workers into a work place pension scheme in order to get more people to have another income, on top of the state pension, when they come to retire.
Comex 2000 UK believe this is a great chance for its employees to start saving for their future and as we will be matching 1% of their qualifying earnings going up to 3% of qualifying earnings from October 2018 to increase those benefits and to aid our employees to have a more financially secure retirement.
Comex 2000 UK are busy gathering an information package for its employee and this will be with them shortly, but in the meantime why not check out our video on Auto-Enrolment here.
For more information about auto-enrolment, click here to download the FAQs