Press Release: Comex 2000 UK enlist Invu

Comex 2000 UK enlist Invu to automate over 100,000 documents processed per annum.

Telecommunications group is able to adhere to the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009 Comex 2000 UK, a telecommunications group, has signed a new deal with Invu, a Document Management software provider, to automate the processing of over 2,500 pay sheets per week, creating a centralised document archive that has the capability to automate up to 10,000 paper-based documents per month.

Established in 1998, Comex 2000 UK is a fast developing telecommunications group offering commercial and residential installations, and network services across the nation. With over 500 field based engineers based throughout the country, Comex 2000 UK required a centralised document archive that would cut time spent manually sifting through job sheets, with each document required to be manually stored and then retrieved for auditing processes. Dean Robinson, Operations Manager, Comex 2000 UK, comments, "There is a high risk of documentation loss or damage in our current process, a risk that we can no longer take. Our documentation is currently held in the head office but the Invu system will provide an electronic portal with all the necessary information."

Robinson continues, "We needed to implement a document management system to automate the business processes and reduce the costs currently incurred by renting additional storage space. There is a legal requirement for us to retain specific documents for up to seven years, so you can imagine our files are huge!"

Invu Document Management and Capture will be configured to meet the full requirements of Comex 2000 UK and provide a scanning and storage solution which will be accessible to all relevant company personnel. The system will allow users to store and index a wide variety of document types while creating an electronic record and audit trail. The result will be a vastly improved retrieval process for Comex 2000 UK.

Robinson concludes, "The proposed implementation will not only improve efficiency but also enable us to gain greater control and visibility over field engineer operations. The Invu solution was recommended to us by our auditors and I can firmly say the experience we've received to date is second to none. The Invu team have taken the time to understand our business and our processes and we are looking forward to reaping the rewards of the system in the coming months."