Utilities Division

Having become successfully established as a leading Network and Communications Service Provider throughout the United Kingdom, we have now branched out into the Utility Metering Sector.

As a specialist metering organisation providing metering solutions for homes and businesses, the Company offers the same unrivalled levels of service and commitment to existing Meter Asset Managers as it does to the Networks and Communications sector.

Industrial and Commercial Services:

  • Pre installation surveys.
  • Bespoke quotation service for any non-standard works.
  • Completion of all low and medium pressure work up to 7bar – installation, removal and exchanges.
  • Our in house fabrication team are trained and experienced in fabricating large and complex meter rigs in all pressure tiers, accommodating both single and twin stream systems, thus offering a speedy and cost effective solution to the market.
  • Routine meter maintenance of Rotary and Turbine meters.
  • Asset reconditioning.
  • Pipework purging.
  • Adversarial / warrant work.
  • Provision of resource to carry out meter removals / exchanges for any debt relates works.

Gas, Electric and Water Metering Services:

  • Gas and Electric meter installations within domestic properties.
  • Internal water meter installations.
  • Gas and Electric exchanges in all domestic scenarios:
  • Electronic to standard G4 meter exchanges.
  • Both low and medium pressure exchanges.
  • Single phase electric meter exchanges.
  • Multiple phase electric meter exchanges.
  • Warrant work for debt related exchanges.